How can a good speaker make an impact on your audience?

A person who gathers your emotional and physical presence is always a great speaker. It is a constant relation between the words spoken by the speaker and the audience as his words should inspire the listeners. It is quite normal to detach as it is totally dependent on the influence of the speaker as the listeners can choose to hear or to listen to the speech. There are many people who try it as a professional in their years but due to the lack of experience, they often fail as they are unable to impact the audience. It is always difficult to make a group listen to your words and if they are of their interest, they will hardly listen to your words.

There are some qualities with which or how a good speaker can make an impact the audience

  • Get involved with the audience – There are many motivational speakers who start their presentation with their laptops or by opening a file of PowerPoint. But a good speaker always stays away from his gadgets as he wants to connect with the audience. He will get into the heads of the people before even start talking about the related topic. This way people in the audience will feel attached to the speaker and he can also ask questions to test their knowledge about the topic and how much do they already know about it.
  • The main motive of the presentation – A good speaker will always look for ways to see the same thing but in a different way. There are already many options to do things, so what is so different in your presentation and how people will be benefited with your knowledge? People will always be more interested in looking for different new ideas and if it is for free. You can always build your presentation around it and you will never fail to get a wow from your audience.
  • Don’t overload – To convince a large group of people is not easy and to overload them with a number of slides in your presentation is always a bad idea. You have an abundance of knowledge on the topic but people in the audience are not aware of it, so always try to make your presentations short and crisp which will maintain the alertness of people. This is the best way to provide maximum knowledge with minimum efforts and at the end of it, you always get a round of applause at the end of the presentation.
  • Strategic reaction – You as a speaker will always have to connect with the number of people in your audience and you have to look for different ideas to interact with them. After completing a topic, ask the questions directly with them and pause for the answer. This way they will be more attentive and will listen to you with interest.

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